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Axia Labs is a unique collective of young and enthusiastic thought leaders who are focused on progressing the global economy in an equitable and transparent manner. In practice, we provide top down advice that helps leaders & innovators connect more impactfully with the tokenization & blockchain space.

Focusing on crypto economics, decentralized architecture and systems design our background has been cemented in the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry with influence coming from behavioral psychology and game theory. Axia Labs was founded in New Zealand in 2017, contributes heavily to the New Zealand blockchain ecosystem while clients have historically been from an international market.


Cryptoeconomics & token design

Axia Labs’ primary focus is on designing systems and networks where tokenization adds measurable and meaningful value. The Axia team have been involved in the tokenization space since its inception and have examined, reviewed and taken apart hundreds of token models within the blockchain space.


Axia Labs has developed a number of strategies for clients and partners, building upon existing business structure or developing ideas from the ground up beside clients. Our strategy focuses on technology selection/partnerships, go to market strategy, token metrics and price points, as well as contributing to overall business strategy wherever we can see added value.


Axia Labs has deep roots in philosophy and the paradigm shifting potential of decentralization as an ideology. Through our work and research around the underlying philosophies of decentralization, open economies and distributed governance, we have become more and more transfixed with the disruptive potential of these new ideas. This plays an overarching role in the work we do and the impact we make.

Top Down Advice

The Axia Labs team have been observing the space for over four years and as such have always tried to remain objective and agnostic when it comes to protocols and projects. We do not take any funding or support from individual protocols or platforms in exchange for us recommending that protocol or platform to our clients, ensuring groups we work with consistently get the right advice & direction without doubt.


Axia Labs has developed an extensive network within the blockchain industry, and pride ourselves on being one or two degrees of separation from any team or individual who is significantly involved in the space. We believe that this industry has been built on the spirit of collaboration and open communication, as well as trust - we are always interested in setting up meaningful connections for well-meaning parties.


Through our entrenchment in the space, Axia Labs has conducted large amounts of research into distributed systems, cryptoeconomics and governance structures. We are strong believers in the tokenization & blockchain space and want to see it implemented in a succinct way, we leverage this previous research and expertise to direct clients.


Axia Labs takes an innovative stance in terms of structuring its internal business model. Unlike a more traditional company which is heavily focused on maximizing profit for shareholders, Axia Labs brings all members of our ecosystem together and aligns incentives across the board. The aim is to produce more effective, meaningful and equitable results from our work.

That’s why we introduced a revenue token which is assigned to our business, partners, advisors and charitable causes. Axia Labs is building towards a global economy based on transparency, communication and new financial tools. Thus why it’s important (and fun!) for us to participate in this experimentation ourselves with this model of revenue token.